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  • Webfleet was born to put into practice my studies on the microservice architecture. It is free software and can be used as-is, with no guarantee that it will serve the purpose you have in mind.
  • It has flaws due to being unable to fully test on a distributed environment, which I plan to smooth out as time goes by and my experience grows.
  • Finally, it's still on development: so many of the things written here are still concepts, so not implemented or fully working, but the idea is to arrive to implement everything.

What is this?

Webfleet is a headless, distributed, multi-tenant CMS which aims to take care of all the aspects of website creation, from the set-up to the content creation.

Webfleet is composed of multiple pluggable pieces, each one of them takes care of a different aspect of the website creation process:

How do I use it?

Webfleet as a service

You will be able to use webfleet as a service, by connecting to an url, and completing the registration. The infrastructure is provided by heroku’s free tier, so the application will be unstable at times. If the project gains interest, I will likely expand it further and try paid plans or other options in order to render it more stable and scalable.

Webfleet as software

All the pieces that compose webfleet are available as docker containers, here the list of each one of them with the current version and link to the public repository. You can deploy them on your own infrastructure free of charge, though it would be nice of you to mention where the software comes from, and to send me an e-mail so I can track here a list of who is using it.

In each repository you’ll find detailed information on how to configure the deploy environment.

Piece Description Github Docker hub
webfleet-domains for multitenancy
webfleet-driver content factory
webfleet-editor Front-end Not available yet