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My first cosplay experience is dated way back, me and a couple of friends did a Naruto group. Back at the time I was really clueless, I liked the idea even if I never liked dressing up as a child.

After that first experience I found out that I loved being surrounded by likeminded people, who loved anime, manga, videogames and all that sort of things. I started making low-cost cosplays, combining the right clothes and accessories. Until I decided to portrait my (then) favorite character: The 10th Doctor from Doctor who. I thought nobody would recognize me, and so I did it for myself, to see how it would be to dress the shoes of my favorite hero. Even if my outfit wasn’t really great, the success was incredible and way over my expectations. In that moment I decided I’d continue to cosplay him and kept improving the looks as much as possible by learning how to style my hair, getting proper accessories and behaving like him.

I had then a long pause in the cosplay world for 5 years, now I’m back in this wonderful hobby and already making my first DIY outfit.

In this section you can find my works, from the first timid beginning up to now.