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This is not a real blog!

I’ve given up with blogs since I was 15 years old and I used to have a Windows Live Spaces account. I used to write a lot but in the end there was no real content. I’ve tried to make my own blogs ever since, but just as a means of understanding how programming worked, not really to make something out of it.

Also, I think that blogs are a waste of time, for myself - I can do a lot of programming and learning if I don’t have to give periodical updates to something - and for readers: in these days we’re flooded with content that we don’t want to read most of the time, while we only look for rapid “solutions” or information.

And now, on this fourth version of my website, I have yet another blog-like space. Why? Because I sometimes develop software for myself, and I plan to publish some quick notes on stuff that I learn (so I can keep notes tidy for me to read) and this space can be perfect to track new releases / updates of main contents so that if someone is ever interested in it, they can know with a quick glance if something has recently changed.

Thank you for your attention, and have a great day! :)