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Updates and Thoughts

I’ve been always too lazy to keep a blog. Here I will sometimes post news of stuff that I feel relevant (e.g. if I release a new program, library, tutorial or such.)

REACTing to change with microservices

As time goes by, the user base of an application grows, and so does the application itself. To avoid that the heavy workloads and the growing codebase submerge us, and be reactive to changes and requests, the microservice architecture, if properly applied, can greatly help to keep the pace of evolution.

This is not a real blog!

I’ve given up with blogs since I was 15 years old and I used to have a Windows Live Spaces account. I used to write a lot but in the end there was no real content. I’ve tried to make my own blogs ever since, but just as a means of understanding how programming worked, not really to make something out of it.