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New set of skills

After applying for a new job, which required a set of additional skills than those I already had, I started looking online for courses to upgrade my knowledge.

I checked out at first, to have an AngularJS crash course, but I wasn't quite satisfied yet, and went on looking more (free and paid) resources. This made me stumble on They have a really good policy: you learn for free, but in exchange you create code "pro bono" for non profit organisations.

Even if I already had HTML, CSS, JS knowledge, I still ran through every single course they provided, just to refresh and maybe learn something that I missed in my personal self-made journey in coding.

This finally led to real challenges, which implied creating actual code, publicly available. Since this is good portfolio material, I will publish the results on my website as soon as I complete new challenges.

Extensive list of what I've done until now (I'll keep it updated from time to time so that this page serves as a general index):

You can also look at my personal FreeCodeCamp account to see all my projects there and check out on my project/challenges.