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HINO - What shall I read today?

HINO ( is a book search engine, where the user can insert various criteria to find suggestions on which books can interest them.

The main pages lets the user specify a limited number of criteria to easen the use: genre, era and place, but the search results can later be further improved using more criteria:

  • Title: pick a word, if the search algorithm finds it inside a title it will display it
  • Genre: Thriller, Horror, Sci-Fi...
  • Place: England, America, Europe, Mars...
  • Era: 20th century, the future, stone age...
  • Author: You can choose between an always growing list
  • Other: You can specify more terms to narrow the search, a series of "tags" are saved for each book and are suggested to the user while they're writing, to make them understand better what can be inserted in that field and which kind of books can be found

The algorithms are all made by me, using Java - Spring MVC - Spring JPA - Hibernate.

For dependency management Maven was used, and for versioning Bitbucket with its GIT option.

The front-end graphic design was by