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Website of the theater "Teatro Metropolitano Astra"

The website was deployed using my CMS Intersect (the one on which this very site runs on) with slight adaptments to the overall theme.

Thanks to this chance I could also add some new functionalities, that is the possibility to link an "Event" to a "Content", specifying start date and time. Duration of the event can also be specified, using plain text format (e.g. 92'). In addition there is the possibility to specify the link where the box office can be reached to buy tickets online.

The events are then shown in a calendar in the right column both in the main page and in all the other pages. The day is highlighted with different colour codes:

  • Yellow: past event
  • Blue: future event
  • Verde: today's date
  • Rosso: Today's date, but an event is going to take place

Clicking on a date you can receive through a pop-up dialog all the informations about the events in that day and it is also possible (if the box office link was provided), to go directly to the "buy tickets" page. Alternatively, it is possible to click on the title of the event and open the full page view of it.

Another management which was inserted ad hoc, is "resource" management, where the administrator can upload file to link them in the posts. Also many improvements were made, performance was improved and many optimizations for search engines were introduced as well.

You can find informations on intersect cms on its page (

I followed also the aspect of configuring e-mail addresses and inserting the first contents, deciding the best possible category subdivision.

After its successful start, the website and all communication are now completely handled by the Municipality's personnel.

Note: The website as I did it is no longer available since the management change, happened in summer2015. The actual version was not made by me.