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Link: Intersect JT - A Joomla Template

Intersect JT - A Joomla Template

11/20/14 7:21 PM

Responsive Joomla template created with Bootstrap 3

Link: Wifi fix on asus laptops

Wifi fix on asus laptops

11/8/14 12:40 PM

In the latest Linux releases it seems that the atheros drivers are somewhat messy. Short guide on how I solved the problem.

Link: Liberty CMS User guide

Liberty CMS User guide

10/23/14 10:48 PM

User guide to my "Liberty CMS", instructions for setup and use on any type of server.

Link: Capitolo 1

Capitolo 1

10/19/14 9:55 PM

Scrittura del codice, JVM, esecuzione del codice, ambiente di sviluppo integrato (IDE)

Link: Introduzione


9/19/14 7:18 PM

Cos'è la programmazione, come verranno trattati gli argomenti, e soprattutto: a chi è dedicato il corso

Link: RapidGallery


9/12/14 1:04 PM

Php script to create easily browsable photogalleries

Link: Liberty CMS

Liberty CMS

9/12/14 12:30 PM

Lightweight CMS for basic hosting without database or scripting languages

Link: Virtual drive on a file

Virtual drive on a file

9/12/14 12:18 PM

How to create a virtual hard disk on your local filesystem and mounting it as a partition. Linux only!

Link: Intersect CMS

Intersect CMS

9/12/14 10:33 AM

A simple CMS, easy to use and to set up, it addresses the needs of having a quick website deployment tool.

Link: FSEmu


9/11/14 10:23 PM

This library is made to provide a way to emulate a file system on a JVM for basic storage needs